Any chance to add HLTV rating 2.0?

No, HLTV decided to keep their formula private as stated in this news.

Any chance to add CEVO efficacy?

No, CEVO keep its algorithm private.

I have missing information after updating the application

Some update may need to re-analyze demos to have correct values.

Demos stats are wrong

Firstly, always check if the demo's source correspond to its origin. You can switch between source from the demos list (right click on the demo).
If the source is correct it could be an analyze bug or demo with missing events (not related to CSGO Demos Manager in this case).

Demos date are wrong

The date corresponds to the creation date of the demo file (.dem). For Valve (Matchmaking) demos, it use the demo info file (.info) to detect the real date of the match. If the date is wrong and it's a Valve demo, it's because the .info file is missing. If you renamed a Valve demo file, you have to rename the .info too.

Why does teams name are always "Team 1" and "Team 2"?

Team names are available only if 5 players had the same clantag ingame except for eBot demos that set automatically a name for both teams.

ESEA RWS is not the same as displayed on the ESEA website?

Due to missing damages events or algorithm variances, RWS is not exactly the same as ESEA website.