Why is HLAE required?

In addition to offering useful features not available by default in the game, HLAE is required because there is an audio sync issue with the startmovie command.


HLAE options
csgo.exe path
Location to the csgo.exe file.
This is required to have HLAE working.
Enable movie making config parent folder
From the HLAE documentation:
When enabled you can set a parent folder for your movie making config for the game. The game will create a sub-folder called cfg there and store config.cfg and video settings in that folder. Also you can put your movie making config into that cfg sub-folder, however the game will load those only if they are not present in the csgo/cfg folder already.

How can I add my own mirv_ commands?

You can add mirv_ commands in the CFG input, they will be executed when the playback start.

Note about HLAE update

To avoid game crashes, it's strongly recommended to have the latest HLAE version.

You can update it by clicking on the "Update" button.