Why can't I watch my highlights / lowlights?

You have to add at least 1 account then select it as the account you want to focus on from settings.

You can add an account from settings or from the scoreboard.

How-to add an account from scoreboard (easier way)

  1. Go to demo's details

  2. Right click on the player that you want to add and click on Add to account list

    Add account from scoreboard

How-to add an account from settings

  1. Click on Settings and go to the Accounts menu

    Accounts settings
  2. Click on Add account

    Add account
  3. Copy paste your Steam community link (or SteamID64) and click on OK

How-to set the account you want to focus on

  1. Click on Settings and go to the Accounts menu

  2. Select your account and click on Use this account for watch

    Select account to focus on

TIP: You can watch quickly a player's highlights / lowlights from the scoreboard.

Highlights / lowlights from scoreboard

I have an "AfxCppCli.dll" error when I watch a demo

You have to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

Demo doesn't start and it stuck on the main menu

It's probably because there is a number or a special character in the demo path. The game doesn't recognize the character and the path is broken. You have to change the demo's path to fix it.

Check the console output to have more details.

My game stuck on loading screen when I watch a demo

If your game is stuck on the loading screen, it's probably because your demo use an old version of the map and the game is downloading it from the workshop. You have to wait and it should start playing.

What are VDM files?

VDM files are generated by the app to define when and on which player fast forward during demo playback, it is used for highlights, lowlights, watch kills and stuffs (focus on a player). VDM files have the same name as the demo, only the extension changes. Don't forget that if a .vdm already exists, it will be overwrite.

What is "Enable HLAE"?

When Enable HLAE is checked, the game is launched using Half Life Advanced Effects.

If you are not a moviemaker or you don't know what you are doing just keep it disabled.