How does data are generated?

Valve has released a tool written in C++ called demoinfogo which allow to parse .dem files to retrieve a lot of data.

CSGO Demos Manager use a C# version of this tool ported by the guys behind the project called DemoInfo (Thanks guys!).

Does it work with POV demos?

No and for technicals reasons I don't think it will, sorry.

Does it work with ESEA, Faceit and other leagues demos?

At the moment CSGO Demos Manager support demos coming from Valve (Matchmaking / Minor / Major), ESEA, FaceIt, CEVO, eBot and PopFlash. Demos coming from private server using classics commands such as mp_restartgame and tv_record are not officially supported. However it should work with the demo's source set to Valve. You can change the source and re-analyze it if you have wrong data but you may still have wrong data.

Is it VAC safe?

Yes. The application doesn't modify any files of the game. As of the version 2.2.0, you are able to use HLAE by enabling it from settings which is technically a hack. When HLAE is enabled, the game is always started with the parameter -insecure that prevent you to connect to any server protected by VAC, so you are safe.

I encountered a bug, what can I do?

If you encountered a bug or had wrong data from demos, please send a mail to with the errors log file (accessible from settings). If it's related to a specific demo, please attach a link to download it, thank you.

Does it work on MAC OS / Linux?


Is there a mobile application?