Must know

CSGO Demos Manager doesn't create videos the same way as application such as Fraps or Dxtory does.

As this feature is attended mainly for video editing, the best quality is required.

This is why the application uses the in-game startmovie command.

The startmovie command generates raw files which are composed of a lot of images (.tga) and an audio file (.wav).

The number of images depends of the framerate you chose and the duration of the sequence.

For example with a framerate set to 60 and a duration of 20 seconds, you will have 20 * 60 = 1200 images.

Raw files takes a lot of disk space, the application display how much space is required and warn you if the amount is greater than 30GB.

To define the interval which you want to record, you have to enter a start tick and an end tick.

Ticks are a unit of time used by the game, you can think of it like seconds for example.

How many ticks correspond to 1 second depends of the tickrate of the server.

For example, the tickrate of matchmaking servers is 64, so 1 second equals 64 ticks.

Because it's easier for us humans to use seconds, the application allow you to edit the duration in seconds and convert automatically the start / end tick.

How does it work?

When you start a video generation, the following steps are done:

  1. Create a .vdm file which describes actions during playback (gototick, startmovie...)
  2. Create a .cfg file which contains the user's custom config
  3. Start the game and play the demo
  4. The .vdm force the playback to perform actions such as executing the .cfg file, start recording...
  5. Start VirtualDub or FFmpeg to encode the video when the game is closed
  6. Delete all files generated previously when the encoding is done

Known issues

Sometimes Steam may crash on CSGO launch, just restart it and it will work.

What's the difference between VirtualDub and FFmpeg?

VirtualDub is used by the application only to generate uncompressed videos whereas FFmpeg generate a compressed x264 video.

Why not use only VirtualDub?

Because VirtualDub doesn't include codecs like x264 by default, you have to install it manually which is quiet annoying.

Does it work with POV demos?

Yes but you will not have the timeline.

You can add a comment to the demo to remember important ticks.

Note about corrupted demos

If a demo is corrupted, you can still generate videos but the timeline and required disk space calculation are not available.

CSGO compatibility

The movie feature works only with CSGO and after.

You can't use it with older branches.

How to (video)

The video show how to generate a video with VirtualDub but it's the same process with FFmpeg.

You just have to switch to FFmpeg by clicking on the toggle button at the top of the window.