How does data are generated?

Valve has released a tool written in C++ called "demoinfogo" which allow to parse .dem files to retrieve a lot of data. CSGO Demos Manager use a C# version of this tool ported by the guys behind the project called DemoInfo (Thanks guys!).

Does it work with POV demos?

No and for technicals reasons I don't think it will, sorry.

Does it work with ESEA, Faceit and other leagues demos?

At the moment CSGO Demos Manager support demos coming from Valve (Matchmaking / Minor / Major), ESEA, FaceIt, CEVO, eBot and PopFlash. Demos coming from private server using classics commands such as mp_restartgame and tv_record are not officially supported. However it should work with the demo's source set to Valve. You can change the source and re-analyze it if you have wrong data but you may still have wrong data.

Is it VAC safe?

Yes. The application doesn't modify any files of the game. As of the version 2.2.0, you are able to use HLAE when moviemaker mode is enabled which is technically a hack. When moviemaker mode is enable the game is always started with the parameter "-insecure" that prevent you to connect to any server protected by VAC, so you are safe.

I encountered a bug, what can I do?

If you encountered a bug or had wrong data from demos, please send a mail to with the errors log file (accessible from settings). If it is related to a specific demo, please attach a link to download it, thank you.

Does it work on MAC OS / Linux?


Is there a mobile application?


Demos list is empty?

If the demos list is empty you should have had an error at startup. It's because CSGO isn't installed on the default Steam folder. You have to add manually folders from settings. By default demos location are into "csgo" and "replays" folders (within "steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive").

App crash on startup

If the application worked before and you added some demos into a folder scanned by the app, it could be due to a corrupted demo. In this case try to move the last demos added in a temporary folder and start the app.
Otherwise it could be a configuration or cache corruption.
Delete all folders within "C:\Users\YOU USERNAME\AppData\Local\AkiVer" and start the application.
If it doesn't work delete the folder "CSGO Demos Manager" located at "C:\Users\YOU USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\AkiVer".

I have missing information after updating the application

Some update may need to re-analyze demos to have correct values.

Demos stats are wrong

Firstly, always check if the demo's source correspond to its origin. You can switch between source from the demos list (right click on the demo).
If the source is correct it could be an analyze bug or demo with missing events (not related to CSGO Demos Manager in this case).

Demos date are wrong

The date corresponds to the creation date of the demo file (.dem). For Valve (Matchmaking) demos, it use the demo info file (.info) to detect the real date of the match. If the date is wrong and it's a Valve demo, it's because the .info file is missing. If you renamed a Valve demo file, you have to rename the .info too.

Why does teams name are always "team 1" and "team 2"?

Team names are available only if 5 players had the same clantag ingame except for eBot demos that set automatically a name for both teams.

ESEA RWS is not the same as displayed on the ESEA website?

Due to missing damages events or algorithm variances, RWS is not exactly the same as ESEA website.

Any chance to add CEVO efficacy?

No, CEVO keep its algorithm private.

The rank displayed is not my current rank

The application display the rank detected on the more recent demo which has been analyzed. If the rank displayed isn't your current rank it means that you didn't download and / or analyze your last demo.

I don't see any data on graphs

Data are calculated weekly, if you don't see a graph it means that you have only demos of 1 week. The other possibility is that you didn't analyze demos.

Damages graph show nothing until May 2015

It's because damages stats are available only on demos created after the 30/06/2015 CSGO update.

I can't see ranks on the scoreboard

Ranks are available only with demos from Valve Matchmaking.

Some demos aren't included in stats

This is probably because you changed the dates filter and this demos aren't in the interval. You can change the dates from settings.

I have an "AfxCppCli.dll" error when I watch a demo

You have to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 .

Why can't I watch my highlights / lowlights?

You have to add at least 1 account from settings or scoreboard then set this account as the account that you want to watch from settings. The easier way to add accounts is from scoreboard (right click on the player and click on "add to account list") but if you want you can do it from settings with the Steam ID or Steam community URL. You can find the Steam ID with Submit your steam community profile URL and copy / paste the field SteamID64 into settings.

Demo doesn't start and it stuck on the main menu

It's probably because there is a number or a special character in the demo path. The game doesn't recognize the character and the path is broken. You have to change the demo'path to fix it.

My game stuck on loading screen when I watch a demo

If your game is stuck on the loading screen, it's probably because your demo use an old version of the map and the game is downloading it from the workshop. You have to wait and it should start playing.

What are VDM files?

VDM files are generated by the app to define when and on which player fast forward during demo playback, it is used for highlights, lowlights, watch kills and stuffs (focus on a player). VDM files have the same name as the demo, only the extension changes. Don't forget that if a .vdm already exists, it will be overwrite.

What is CSGO Suspects BOT?

The bot is a small windowless application, accessible from the systray that check if new suspects have been banned. It's an independent application so you can run it without CSGO Demos Manager.

By default the bot start with CSGO Demos Manager and is still running when the app is closed but you can change it from settings. It's configurable by right clicking on the systray icon and it stop working when you are ingame.

CSGO Suspects Bot

Where can I see if suspects have been banned?

The number of new suspects banned since the last time you used the application is displayed at the right of the button "Suspects" between parenthesis. You have to wait some seconds when the application is started to have the updated number.

A suspect has been banned but he still can play CSGO

VAC ban doesn't mean necessary a CSGO ban. Steam API doesn't indicates on which games a player has been banned.

How does it work?

CSGO Demos Manager use boiler-writter, a custom version of Boiler. Thanks to ACB for creating Boiler.
Boiler-writter retrieves the matches information from Steam Game Coordinator, store it into a file then the app use it to download the demo and generate the .info files.

I have an error "MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer"

You have to install Visual C++ VS 2015 . As of the version 2.7.0 this files are included, you should not get this error with future versions.

My Steam status is "ingame" when I click on download?

To be able to retrieve matches information, Steam must be running and connected to a Steam account. You appear as playing CSGO during some seconds because it's required to communicate with the Steam GC. If CSGO was running it will be close automatically.

How can I download demos of my others accounts?

The app download demos of the current Steam account logged on. You have to switch to your others accounts on Steam.

It doesn't download my last 8 games?

At the moment only your last 8 games are available. The app download it only if:

  • The .dem and .info files are not in the download folder.
  • The demo archive is still available (Games are deleted some days after)

What is the moviemaker mode?

Moviemaker mode changes the way the game is launched. When this mode is enabled, the game is launched with Half Life Advanced Effects. If you are not a moviemaker or you don't know what you are doing just keep it disabled.